Apply for consent to assess

Learn how to apply for consent to assess

Consent to assess

Consent to assess is a process that allows education organisations to assess unit or achievement standards listed on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS) and award credit for them.  

Consent to assess is granted by the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA). 

Providers need to apply for consent to assess if they want to:  

  • Start assessing against standards listed on the DAS  
  • Extend their consent to assess, e.g. when adding or changing a standard.

As part of NZQA’s process, providers need to provide a letter of support from the relevant Workforce Development Council (WDC).  

Apply for consent to assess 

  1. Complete a Consent to Assess Application Form 
  2. Email the completed form to [email protected] 

We aim to provide letters of support for consent to assess applications within 20 working days. 

NZQA make the final decision on the consent to assess application, and the process is not completed until NZQA has granted consent to assess.