Moderator interpretations

Moderator interpretations remain in place until a review of the standard is completed

Unit standards

Unit Standard 33286
33286 – Provide physical health support to people experiencing mental health challenges or addiction issues– Level 4 – Version 1
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Unit standard 10026 (version 7)  

Demonstrate knowledge of mokopuna/children’s holistic development and learning in an early childhood setting 
Level: 3
Credits: 6 

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Unit standards 29765 and 29766

Remove non-friable asbestos; Remove friable asbestos
Level: 4   

Information in Guidance Information 1 is no longer applicable. From 14 March 2023, learners need to complete the unit standards without consideration of any prior training completed in Australia. 

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Unit Standard 32385

Apply enabling good lives principles that may present a barrier in certain situations
Guidance Note 2 indicates that personal plans are to be included for two different people.
This expectation may not be achievable in all care contexts – it has been recommended to remove it. This change will be reflected in a new version of this standard. 

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Unit Standard 28517

Recognise and report changes and risks in a person in a health or wellbeing setting
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Unit standards 26801v4 and 26802v3 

Describe the benefits of breastfeeding, available support services, and baby-friendly initiatives; Describe information, interactions, and strategies that support breastfeeding, and demonstrate breastfeeding care

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