National external moderation

Toitū te Waiora supports the national moderation system and ensures assessment practices are kept to a high standard

National external moderation

The national external moderation system makes sure that organisations with consent to assess are delivering assessment practices to a high standard.  

Workforce Development Councils, such as Toitū te Waiora, conduct national external moderation to ensure consistency in assessments nationwide, across all types of providers. The results of external moderation are shared with NZQA. 

The guidelines for external moderation are detailed in the Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR) documents. If an organisation has consent to assess and moderate, they must adhere to the specific CMRs. Find the relevant CMRs for assessments by searching the NZQA directory. 

There is no charge for national external moderation activities. 

There are three types of national external moderation: 

  • Pre-assessment moderation: Assessment practices are reviewed before the assessment. 
  • Onsite moderation: Assessor decisions are reviewed during the assessment. 
  • Post-assessment moderation: Assessor decisions are reviewed after the assessment.

Further information and the full National External Moderation Plan will be available by April 2024 here.

Pre-assessment moderation 

Toitū te Waiora aim to complete pre-assessment moderation reports within 20 working days. 

To apply for pre-assessment moderation: 

  1. All providers need to complete a pre-assessment moderation cover sheet 
  2. Email the coversheet and any required documentation to [email protected] 

Materials that have been pre-assessment moderated by a TITO, and remain unchanged, are recognised as meeting the CMR requirements. If assessment materials are altered by the provider, they must be submitted to the relevant Workforce Development Council for pre-assessment moderation.

Post-assessment and onsite moderation 

To apply for post-assessment and onsite moderation: 

  1. All providers need to complete a post-moderation/onsite moderation coversheet 
  2. Email the coversheet and any required documentation [email protected]

Appeal a moderation decision

Providers can appeal moderation decisions made by Toitū te Waiora within 15 working days of receiving the moderation outcome report. Toitū te Waiora aims to complete appeals within 20 working days. 

  1. Providers need to complete a moderation appeal form 
  2. Email the appeal form and any required documentation to [email protected] 

Organisations on an action plan

Organisations on an action plan will be contacted by Toitū te Waiora to clarify moderation requirements, including on-site or post-assessment moderation. 

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