Breastfeeding standards update

Toitū te Waiora has released a Moderators’ Interpretation regarding two breastfeeding unit standards – 26801v4 and 26802v3.

The unit standards are 6801v4 – Describe the benefits of breastfeeding, available support services, and baby-friendly initiatives; and 26802v3 – Describe information, interactions, and strategies that support
breastfeeding, and demonstrate breastfeeding care.

  • The issues were:
    Codes which are referred to are no longer active.
  • Both unit standards refer to a link to the WHO, which is no longer
  • Minor exceptions or amendments to outcome 1 and outcome 2 as
    listed below.

The Moderators’ Interpretation will be in place until the unit standards are reviewed.

Here is the document. Please let us know if you have any queries.