Consent to assess

What is consent to assess?

Consent to assess is a process that allows education organisations to assess unit or achievement standards listed on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS) and award credit for them. Consent to assess is granted by New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA).

When do I have to apply for consent to assess?

  • Providers need to apply for consent to assess if they want to assess against standards listed on the DAS.
  • Providers need to apply for consent to assess when they want to extend their consent to assess against standards, for example adding or changing a standard in a programme or curriculum.

What is the role of the WDC in the consent to assess process?

As part of the NZQA application process, providers will need to supply a letter of support from the relevant WDC. This letter attests that the provider meets the specific industry requirements, including having the resources to effectively deliver and assess the unit standard(s).

When can I submit consent to assess applications to WDCs?

WDCs will accept consent to assess applications from 4 October 2021. Please see the ‘how to apply’ section above for more information.

How do I find the CMR requirements for consent to assess?

Find the Consent and Moderation Requirements (CMR) documents you’re looking for by searching for the reference number here(external link) on the NZQA website.

Who’s involved in consent to assess?

Generally, consent to assess involves the provider, the WDC, and NZQA.

What happens if the WDC has concerns with the consent to assess application?

In these instances the WDC will write to the Provider setting out the grounds for their concerns. The letter will cover how the concerns can be constructively addressed and the timeline for review.

What happens if the WDC refuses to provide a letter of support for the consent to assess application?

A WDC will only withhold a letter of support as a last resort. This is where all attempts to address outstanding issues with the applications have been exhausted. A WDC will aim to work collaboratively with providers in these cases.

What happens after WDCs send their letter of support to providers?

Providers have an obligation to maintain their consent to assess on an ongoing basis and are subject to the national external moderation system.

We do not charge for our role in consent to assess applications.

However, NZQA does charge for their role in consent to assess applications. Please see the relevant NZQA fees here(external link).

How long does it take to get consent to assess approval?

We will aim to provider letters of support for consent to assess applications within 20 working days. However, we recommend that you allow at least three months for the total consent to assess process, including NZQA approval.

Where can I find further information on consent to assess?

More information on the NZQA part of consent to assess can be found in the following documents.

What is happening to my consent to assess application that I submitted to a TITO?

We will complete any consent to assess applications that were initially submitted to a TITO.

I received a letter of support from a TITO, but have not yet submitted this to NZQA. Is this still valid?

TITO letters of support are still valid for the time period specified on the letter. You can use this letter to progress your application with NZQA.