Online option for CPR standard

Following consultation in the sector, Toitū te Waiora has agreed that assessment of CPR in Unit Standard 6402 – Provide Basic Life Support – can be undertaken online on a temporary basis until the provider’s region moves into the COVID-19 ‘green traffic light’ setting.



  • All online assessments for CPR in unit standard 6402 will be video-recorded and saved for moderation purposes.
  • All online assessments will be undertaken on a one-to-one basis.
  • Manikins used for online assessment must meet AECTPNZ requirements.
  • Endorsement to assess 6402 online will be in place until such a time as the provider’s region is classified in the ‘green traffic light’ setting. In the case of providers who operate across multiple regions, online assessment can take place in regions classified under the orange and red traffic lights, but not in regions that are classified in the green traffic light.


Toitū te Waiora will deal with applications for online delivery of unit standard 6402 on a case-by-case basis, in line with its programme endorsement role.

Instructional video recordings

Setting up for a CPR online assessment  CPR online assessment demonstration 

Online assessment setup for 6402

  • Ensure a set of manikins (adult, child, and baby) are delivered to the learner on time
  • Confirm the assessment time with the learner
  • Allow sufficient time to complete registration and verification processes as required
  • Confirm the learner has had enough time to practice the skill
  • Confirm the learner is happy for the assessment to be recorded for evidence purposes
  • Position the digital recording device on the same level in line with the manikin. You must be able to see the learner and manikin fully on the screen (the use of books, magazines, table mats, table or sofa legs are all useful to create this angle)
  • Ensure you can capture the images required to fully assess the learner
  • Run a sound and visual check
  • You are ready to proceed with the assessment. The assessment is conducted the same way as you would in a classroom
  • Ensure your organisational manikin cleaning policies are followed prior to the next learner using the manikin
  • REMEMBER, this is NOT a shortcut. You are assessing for all the things you would typically look for – the learner provides evidence of quality CPR, and the process meets the unit standard and first aid training requirements.

Approved manikins, and specifications


  • Simulaids
  • Laerdal
  • Prestan
  • Braden
  • Ambu Man

Manikin specifications:

  • Must allow an assessor to witness adequate chest depth compressions in line with NZRC guidelines
  • Must be capable of accepting rescue breaths with adequate chest rise that can be observed by the assessor in line with NZRC guidelines
  • Must be capable of adequate movement that allows an assessor to observe the airway has been opened in line with NZRC guidelines
  • Specification must be the same for adult, child and infant manikins that allows for the NZRC guidelines to be observed by the assessor.
  1. Applications for assessing unit standard 6402 online should be submitted via the Toitū te Waiora website.
  2. Providers will be granted endorsement when they can demonstrate suitable means of conducting online assessment, ownership of approved manikins, and the ability to courier manikins to learners.
  3. Toitū te Waiora will inform NZQA of providers who are endorsed to assess CPR online in 6402 when responding to the provider’s application.
  4. Please provide evidence of any pre-moderation on your assessment material if it was pre moderated in the last 12 months, if you can. Please send this along with a copy of the assessment material/assessor guide. The pre-moderation process with Toitū te Waiora needs to occur prior to using the assessment online.
  5. National post-moderation sampling for 6402 will take place when a provider has submitted the first three online assessment videos to Toitū te Waiora. Providers will not be able to report to NZQA against 6402 until post-moderation has been approved by Toitū te Waiora.
  6. The effectiveness of online assessment versus conventional physical face-to-face assessment will be considered in the period up to the formal review of unit standards 6400, 6401, and 6402. Outcomes will be formally reviewed.
  7. The possibility of allowing online assessment of 6402 on a permanent basis will be explored further at the 6400 series unit standard review in March 2022.

Please complete the Programme Support Request form if you would like to apply for assessing Unit Standard 6402 online, and send it to [email protected].