The revision is proposed following advice from Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand Newborn Hearing Screening sector and Careerforce that links to reference documents were out of date, the terminology around the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative was no longer current practice and to update acronyms used in Explanatory notes under the title Definitions.

See the proposed changes here:

Main changes

  • References hyperlinks were updated to reflect current practice.
  • Version 1 updated to Version 2
  • Definitions updated to include all acronyms used
  • Evidence requirements 4.2 updated to reflect changes made to current practice. 4.2 was amended to remove ‘Description of strategies for settling babies is in accordance with the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative’ and replaced with ‘Approaches a screener may use to resettle babies are described’. The term ‘strategies’ was replaced with ‘approaches’.

If you would like to provide feedback relevant to this revision, please email Toitū te Waiora at [email protected] before the close of business on Friday 12 May.