This week, the Inaugural Pacific Fono took place in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, bringing together Pacific staff from all six Workforce Development Councils (WDCs).

The theme of the Fono was based on the Samoan proverb, “E so’o le fau ma le fau”. This proverb is based on a Samoan plant, ‘fau’ – hibiscus tree bark. When the fau is bound together, it is unbreakable.

“We were given the opportunity to share the mahi that we do in our respective councils. There was so much passion, drive and commitment seen and heard during this kōrero” said Grace Malaga-Anitelea, Quality Assurance Specialist from Toitū te Waiora, who attended the Fono.

“The common theme was “I am here for my people”. Regardless of the different WDCs that we work in, we were all reminded that the work that we do is for the industries, sectors, and communities that we represent – we must never forget that.”

Toitū te Waiora strives to continue building upon this momentum and promoting positive change for both Pacific communities and for workforce development.