Register micro-credentials

Apply to Toitū te Waiora for a letter of support to list a micro-credential on the NZQCF


To list a micro-credential on the New Zealand Qualifications and Credentials Framework (NZQCF), you must apply to the relevant Workforce Development Council for a letter of support. 

A micro-credential application is reviewed against the following criteria: 

  1. Does it add value to industry, learners, and community? 
  2. Does it meet an industry need? 
  3. Does it have a coherent structure? 
  4. Does it address a skills or pathway gap? 

Support from a WDC does not guarantee that NZQA will list the micro-credential or that the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) will fund it.  

Additionally, providers can submit applications to NZQA in situations where Toitū te Waiora has declined to support the proposed micro-credential. 

For further information, and Guidelines for micro-credential listing, approval and accreditation, visit the NZQA website.

Requesting micro-credential support  

  1. Complete the NZQA application form
  2. Complete the Toitū te Waiora application form
  3. Submit both application forms and supporting evidence via email to [email protected]
    Once we have accepted your application, your request will be processed within 20 working days. If successful, you will receive a letter of support from us.
  4. Send your letter of support, and NZQA application, to NZQA to be processed
  5. NZQA will process your application