National External Moderation

How do I know what WDC to contact about the moderation requirements?

Moderation requirements are outlined in the Consent and Moderation Requirements documents. A coversheet has been added to each CMR to identify the relevant WDC(s). More information about CMRs can be found here(external link).

What is the difference between internal and national external moderation?

  • Internal moderation. Providers (including schools) must undertake internal moderation. This helps to ensure consistency of assessment within organisations, over time and between assessors. 
  • National external moderation. WDCs undertake national external moderation to maintain the consistency of assessment nationally, across all provider types.

What if our organisation is currently on an action plan?

Providers required to submit or implement an Action Plan or a Performance Improvement Plan with a TITO will be contacted by a Workforce Development Council to clarify requirements for moderation post 4 October 2021. This may include on-site or post assessment moderation.

How long will it take for WDCs to send a pre-assessment moderation report?

We aim to complete a pre-assessment moderation report within 20 working days.

If I change my assessment material, do I have to get it moderated by a WDC?

Yes. If assessment materials are modified by the provider then they have to be submitted to the relevant WDC for pre-assessment moderation. Please refer to the relevant CMR for pre-assessment moderation requirements. If you are unsure whether you need to submit materials for pre-assessment moderation, contact the relevant WDC.

Do assessment materials that have been previously moderated and approved by a TITO, now need to be moderated by a WDC?

Material that has been pre-assessment moderated by a TITO and is unchanged will be recognised as having met the CMR requirements. However, if assessment materials are modified by the provider then they have to be submitted to the relevant WDC for pre-assessment moderation.

When will I find out about moderation requirements for 2022?

We are currently focusing on prioritising moderation activities and planning for 2022. We will contact providers prior to January 2022 with moderation requirements for the 2022 Calendar year.

Do WDCs have to report to NZQA on moderation?

Yes. NZQA is responsible for monitoring the quality and results of WDC systems and procedures for managing national external moderation systems. WDCs report annually to NZQA on moderation outcomes and meet with NZQA to discuss national external moderation matters.

What are the NZQA National External Moderation principles?

These are principles to ensure there is a common understanding of standard setting body responsibilities. This is in relation to Rule 10.3 of the Directory of Assessment Standards Listing and Operational Rules 2021. The principles also provide a common frame of reference for NZQA’s monitoring WDCs. For more information, please see this link here(external link).

How long will it take for WDCs to complete an appeal?

We aim to complete an appeal within 20 working days.

Is there a charge for WDC moderation activities?

There is no charge for WDC moderation activities, including pre-assessment moderation, on-site moderation and post assessment moderation.