ECE unit standards now approved

The 2021 review of the unit standards listed below has now been completed, with the new versions of the standards now available on the NZQA website.


These standards have been reviewed to align to the ECE qualifications at Levels 2 – 4

Check out the NZQA website for information on the standards that follow:

Subfield Domain ID
Early Childhood Education and Care


Early Childhood: Educational Theory and Practice 10013, 10019, 10026, 26707, 26708, 29852-29858, 29860, 29863-29866, 29872-29875, 29877, 29881

Newly developed standards:

33034, 32988, 32989, 32990, 32991.

Early Childhood: Family, Whānau, Community and Society 29859, 29861, 29867, 29870, 29871, 29876


Newly developed standards:

32992, 32994, 32995, 32996, 32997.


Early Childhood: Professional Practice 29868, 29869, 29878-29880

For information on the main changes to unit standards, go to:

Early Childhood Education and Care unit standards Change Report

For information on the alignment of the unit standards to the qualification graduate profile outcomes go to:

ECE landscape of unit standards aligned to the Level 2-4 ECE qualifications

For enquiries or to make a comment about these unit standards, please email

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